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White Road Marking Machine

White Road Marking Machine

We cater to the demand for Road-Marking Machine with the finest White Road Marking Machine, the manufacturing of which we have finessed. We are reputed to be among the premier Manufacturers and Suppliers of White Road Marking Machine in Ahmedabad. Our designing department is conversant with the developments in the field, and works in accordance to come up with performance-oriented machine.

Features :

  • Rotor Glass Bead System
  • (Air Jacked) Operator propelled 100 kg tank capacity
  • Chassis built from mild steel tubular section set with screed box made up of heat-treated MS Metal
  • Positive dispensing glass bead spraying mechanism prevents waste of glass bead because it sprays glass bead only when mandatory
  • The components of this machine such as LPG burners, Torch, Valves and pipes are of highest standard available in the heating industry; hence our machine has safe operation

Application Areas Include :

  • Highways- for guiding and controlling traffic
  • City Roads – for smooth flow of traffic
  • Roads on the mountains, along the hills- to warn the drivers about the hazardous locations
  • Side streets
  • Parking lots
  • Factory floor
  • Air-ports & runways
  • Sports ground
  • Railway platform
  • Bus-stops
  • Zebra crossings

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