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Wet Mix Macadam Plants

We are engaged in designing and fabricating a comprehensive assortment of Wet Mix Macadam Plants such as Water Tank & Metering, Anti Segregation Surge Hopper, Controls & Automation System and Cement Treated Feeding System. We are counted among responsive and responsible Manufacturers and Suppliers of Wet Mix Macadam Plants. Our company fabricates these plants with components sourced from reliable vendors. Buyers can rest assured; our entire range of Wet Mix Macadam Plants is reliable and functions optimally

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Technical Specification

WM 60 WM 100 WM 160 WM 200
Plant Capacity 60 TPH 100 TPH 160 TPH 200 TPH
Four Bin Feeder Storage Capacity 31 MT. 40 MT. 54 MT. 54 MT.
Loading Width 3.02 M 3.02 M 3.66 M 3.66 M
Audioliary Conveyer W 450 MM/1.5KWx4 W 450 MM/1.5KWx4 W 450 MM/2.5KWx4 W 450 MM/2.5KWx4
Gathering Conveyer W 600 MM/ 3.7 KW W 600 MM/ 3.7 KW W 600 MM/ 5.6 KW W 600 MM/ 5.6 KW
Bin Vibrator 0.75 KW 0.75 KW 0.75 KW 0.75 KW
Connected Load 10.45 KW 10.45 KW 15.35 KW 15.35 KW
Shipping Dimension 12.5x2.55x2.45M 12.5x2.55x2.45M 16.25x2.55.2.75M 16.25x2.55.2.75M
Vibrating Screen Connected Load 2.2 Kw 2.2 KW 2.2 KW 2.2 KW
Chariging Conveyer W 600 MM/5.5Kw W 600 MM/5.5Kw W 600 MM/5.5Kw W 600 MM/5.5Kw
Pug Mill Capacity 1.38 Cubic Meter 1.62 Cubic Meter 1.90 Cubic Meter 2.40 Cubic Meter
No. of Arms 20 26 32 32
Connected Load 18.75 KW 22.5 KW 37.5 KW 45 KW
Shipping Dimension 14000x255x3200MM 14000x255x3200MM 3955x1580x3018MM 3955x1580x3018MM
Water Tank Capacity 15000 LTrs. 15000 Ltrs. 20000 Ltrs. 20000 Ltrs.
Water Pump Connected Load 1.5 Kw 1.5 Kw 3.75 KW 3.75 KW
Hydraulic Power Pack Connected Load 3.75 KW 3.75 KW 3.75 KW 3.75 KW
25 Mt. Storage Silo Load Of Conveyer W 800 MM / 11.2 W 800 MM / 11.2
Shipping Dimension (LXWXH) 4140x2980x3000MM 4140x2980x3000MM
Shipping Weight 5.15 Tons 5.15 Tons
40 Mt. Filler Silo Connected Load 4.45 KW 4.45 KW
Shipping Dimension 2420x10600 MM 2420x10600 MM
Total Connected Load 42 KW 45.8 KW 78.4 KW 85.8 KW

Water Tank & Metering

The water tank has adequate surge capacity, a self priming pump, control valve and spray bar with water flow meter for accurate metering. A cleaning arrangement with flexible piping is a thoughtful add on.

Cold Feed Bins
Over 30 years of experience and an base of 1500+ units, means design expertise for


Anti Segregation Surge Hopper

The surge hopper arrangement allows discharge into trucks without shut down and spillage. Fast acting hydraulically operated clamshell gates open across the entire width of the hopper, preventing segregation of the mix.


Controls & Automation System

The weather proctected cabin houses the houses the user friendly controls that are specially designed for industrial insulations. The logically laid out control panel ensure sequential operation of the various drives and precious process control. A Manual override in the form of push button located close to the pug mill unit


Cement Treated Feeding System

A fillar silo unit of 40 MT capacity with a bucket elevator arrangement for receiving fines (Cement Line) from bags. A rotary metering value coupled with a high efficiency screw conveyer delivers the spscified quantity of lines to the pug mill unit.


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