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Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant - 40 TPH

Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant - 40 TPH

Buy optimally functioning and high in performance Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant (MDM - 35) from us at competitive prices. Our company is ranked among well-reckoned Manufacturers and Suppliers of precision-engineered Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant (MDM - 35). Made from superior-grade raw materials with the help of ultramodern machines, our Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant (MDM - 35) is available in different specifications to meet varied requirements.


MDM Features

  • Easy Operation and low maintenance
  • Designed for the international market
  • Proper drying and homegenenenous mixing of aggregate
  • Modular design for the containerized transport
  • Proper asphalt coating and saving
  • Easy to operate
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Low dust emissions
  • Completely pre-wired-get set and go
  • Accuracy in quality control
  • No civil works massive saving

About Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

  • A new low cost plant for production of mobile asphalt drum mix plant
  • The plant produces up to 90tons of hot mix asphalt an hour.
  • The portable units are trailor - mounted tractor mounted are easily moved from one job site to another site and arriving at a new site the plant can be rapidly setup for operation within just a few hours.
  • Fully meets the needs of contractors who do a lot of small projects such village road. parking lots and PMGSY works. but it is also suited for secondary roads especially those in rural areas.

Cold Aggregate Feeder Unit

  • The hopper have been properly designed with slopes, allowing a constant discharge or dust is lifted with vibratiry motor to ensure the free flow. Each hopper is equipped with an adjustable operating door that determine the discharge quantity for the materials capacity in outlet, as a function of specific weight of material
  • It is also possible to increase ot descrease the total capacity without varying the preset setting by means of master control

Drying & Mixing Unit

  • The dryer unit is long rotating cylindrical it sis mounted on study and robust steel structure
  • The electronic two stage high pressure jet burner is mounted on the chassis on the input side
  • The roataion of
    drum is through heavy duty gearbox, coupled with motor through suitable coupling. The drum is also sopported by 4 Nos. of turnninous rollers running on heavy duty bearings
  • This drum is divided into two zones viz.
    (1) Heating + Drying Zone
    (2) Mixing Zone
  • The Thermo Drum is completely insulated with ceramic glass wool and covered with stainless steel to pravent the heat losses and to save fuel as well as the life of the drum

Dryer Burner
Thermo Drum Burner is the heart of entire system hence its efficency, ease of serviceablity etc. are most important factore.

Salient Feature

  • Two stage high & low
  • Capacity to reduce the moisture upto 0.5% nad achieve 1600 for aggregate
  • Nozzle cleaning is possible during running condition
  • Remote controlled & fully automatic operation

Bitumen Tank

  • External Insultation with ceramic wool and covered with suitable shick sheet
  • Tested tube rest for diathermic oil circulation
  • Thermic dust manhole lifting hooks, Brather Pipe
  • Electronic high pressure jet burner
  • Heavy duty jacketed asphalt pump
  • Thermometers

Control Panel

  • Fully Automatic computerized controm panel with latest microprocessor technology with printer for operation of the plant
  • Fully Automatic computerized control panel with control cabin fitted with air condition and micro control based control panel with printer and computer affording total control for the plant from the keyboard wiht the relevant software

Sailent Features

  • The Plant is supplied with centralized control panel
  • All control, incliding the motor center circuit breakers are provided in the control panel
  • The control pane comprises of the automatic burner controls, Aggregates and asphalt blending controls, motor controls, feeder controls and electric switchgear
  • All the parameteres like tempratures of bitumrn hot mix material exhaust gases and aggregate weight, asphalt percentage, hot mix material weight etc. are displayed on the control panel.
  • It is equipped with protection like single phasing, overload, fuses, sequencec interlock et.
  • Load wise data can be printed in the panel

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