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Asphalt (Bitumen) Tank

Asphalt (Bitumen) Tank

The Tank is fully insulated to minimize heat losses and is of 15,000 ltrs. Capacity. The bitumen inside the tank is heated by U-shaped heating tube fitted with automatic burner of adequate capacity. A jacketed Bitumen Pump driven by DC Variable Speed Motor through Reduction Gear Box is provided to Pump the bitumen to the Drum. The bitumen flow rate is controlled by varying the RPM of DC Motor.

The Bitumen Pump and all bitumen lines to and from the tank except pipe fittings and valves are hot oil jacketed.

An independent electric motor driven pump is used for pumping the hot oil from hot oil tank to the jacketing lines. The single stage burner of bitumen tank is fitted with remote control system to detect flame failure and have electric spark ignition system. The temperature is controlled through thermostatic control device to heat the bitumen in desired temperature range. The main bitumen tank, hot oil tank, blower, hot oil pump, bitumen pump with speed reduction gear box and motors are all mounted on standby chassis and are provided with heavy legs to facilitate erection of the unit.


  • External insulation with ceramic wool and covered with suitable thick sheet.
  • Tested tube nest for diathermic oil circulation.
  • Thermic duct, Manhole, lifting hooks, Breather pipe.
  • Electronic High-pressure Jet burner.
  • Heavy duty jacketed Asphalt pump.
  • Thermometers.

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